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A Happy Neeta Found A Quick And Healthy Breakfast

  • Pallavi 

Neeta, an intelligent and hard working lady, works in a reputed bank. She has two naughty, energetic but very loving school going children. Her husband, Shirish is a college professor. Her children and Shirish, like many other people, are busy online remain confined to their home due to the current pandemic. However, Neeta has to report physically at her office. Her demanding job, absence of the maid and prevailing anxieties about health had taken a toll on Neeta’s health.
Though she cooked three meals a day she herself missed breakfast often while rushing out for her office.
Her mother, Sheela got to know of Neeta’s habbit of missing her breakfast and often reprimanded her for this. Neeta in turn retorted that why doesn’t she offer her a solution rather than rebuking her.
However, last month Sheela called up Neeta and offered her a solution!

Sheela had come across the facebook page of Sampanna Millets and Flours and was glad to know about their products. She knew she had found a solution for her daughter when she learnt about Konkan Sampanna Ragi Satva. Since it is made from sprouted and roasted ragi, it is both nutritious and easy to cook. But she knew her daughter’s family would not settle for this nutritious breakfast option if it didn’t taste good. So she first decided to order it for herself.
And now, after having availed a home delivery of Sampanna Ragi Satva, and trying out two different recipes suggested by them, she was recommending it to her dear daughter.

Neeta was certainly convinced and ordered Sampanna’s home delivered Ragi Satva for herself.
She has now been using it as a drink, either stirred with butter milk or cooked with water / milk for herself while Shirish makes a sweet porridge, with milk or water and mixed with a little sugar, for him and the boys as it is very easy to cook and tastes yummy.

Obviously, Neeta’s health has improved and she feels energetic through out the day. Here loved ones also like this option for breakfast and Neeta finds some time in the mornings to chat up with her family, which she was missing out on !!

Neeta now tells her friends how she is so grateful to her mother and Konkan Sampanna Ragi Satva !

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