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Ragi Dosa

  • Sonkan 

Ragi Dosa is a healthy version of dosas or Indian Crepes, which are made of Ragi seeds or Ragi flour. There are several ways of… Read More »Ragi Dosa

Ragi Cake

  • Sonkan 

A snack that is tasty yet nutritious. Rich in calcium, iron and protein, Ragi Satva can be used to make a delicious cake. ¾ cup… Read More »Ragi Cake

Upvas Thalipeeth

  • Sonkan 

Upvas Thalipeeth is a fasting alternative of one of the most loved/devoured dishes of Maharashtra, thalipeth.  Konkan Sampanna offers freshly prepared Roasted Upvas Thalipeeth Flour… Read More »Upvas Thalipeeth


  • Sonkan 

Hello, netizens
I would like to share a story today.
About a wonderful initiative by my parents Dr Nitin Deodhar and Dr Meenakshi Deodhar.
Almost a decade back, my father developed an interest in farming. Interest would be an understatement. It became his passion. And then he systematically set about achieving it.