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Happy Women’s Day

She Made Me Who I Am Today

With women’s day coming up, I started thinking about the women in my life who have shaped me, and made me the woman I am today. And this list wouldn’t…

Roll with love!

Children of growing age are always hungry! Especially when they are home. As they are these days. When children ask something to eat all the time, the health conscious moms…


Hello, netizens I would like to share a story today. About a wonderful initiative by my parents Dr Nitin Deodhar and Dr Meenakshi Deodhar. Almost a decade back, my father…

About Us

For the Health Conscious Women, Sampanna Foods is offering Naturally Grown & Reasonable Priced Ragi & Bhagar Products. We, at Sampanna Foods, offer these hygienically produced, diabetic friendly, healthy and gluten free flours, home delivered via online shopping.

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2 Shwetaa, 98/28 Bhusari Colony, Pune 411038. 

272 Brahmanwadi, Tetavali, Dapoli, Maharashtra 415711 

Call :  +919922412483

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