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Kulith Peeth (Horse Gram Flour)

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Prepared from Kulith also known as House Gram, this flour is rich in nutrients, calcium, phosphorous, iron, and protein. The process of sprouting and roasting enhances the availability of nutrients and helps in digestion. Due to the high ratio of nutrients and ayurvedic natural properties, Horse gram or Kulith peeth is considered to be beneficial for our health.

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For the Health Conscious Women, Sampanna Foods is offering Naturally Grown & Reasonable Priced Ragi & Bhagar Products. We, at Sampanna Foods, offer these hygienically produced, diabetic friendly, healthy and gluten free flours, home delivered via online shopping.




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1 review for Kulith Peeth (Horse Gram Flour)

  1. Vinaya Avinash Joshi

    Kulith pith taste is having good flavour.
    The pithala made out of it was of amazing taste.

    • Sonkan

      Thank you for your feedback!

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