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Ragi Laddu Mix with Sugar


Looking for a guilt-free nutritious sweet for those end of the day cravings?

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Be it to impress the bin bulaye mehmaan or to satisfy your child’s unlimited hunger for sweets, ragi laddu mix has got you covered. A fast and nutritive snack, it can bring back excitement to those long routine weekdays. Now never be frazzled for the last minute potluck dinner invitations or kids parties and always have a packet of ragi laddu mix on hand. Get it with jaggery or sugar to suit your taste and lifestyle.
    • Prepared and premixed millet based product
    • Makes 10-14 medium laddu
    • Make 1 or 10, it’s up to you, the rest can be stored for later
    • Comes together quickly, just add melted ghee as per your taste and roll it up to form your laddus
    • 100% gluten free and without preservatives for worry free snacking
    • Easy to digest and absorb useful nutrients as the ragi is sprouted and roasted before mixing with other ingredients
    • Carefully prepared by hand to ensure maximum flavour and nutrition
    • Stock up on as many packets as you want, because of its long shelf life you will never be disappointed
Mix 60g of melted ghee for 400g of ragi ladu mix and roll into laddus. Makes about xx laddus.

Ingredients: Ragi and sugar

Nutritional value:


Weight 400 g
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