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Nachani Satva with Sugar


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Prepared from Ragi grown in Konkan region of Maharashtra, this flour is rich in nutrients that are required for easy digestion.
The process of sprouting and roasting enhances the availability of nutrients and helps in digestion.
It is a rich source of minerals including iron and calcium. The Satva has proteins, carbohydrates and fibres too. An ideal food for all age groups, it is easy to cook and has a great taste.
Already contains sugar. Use it with hot water, milk or butter milk to make a healthy drink, porridge or a pancake to suit your taste.

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For the Health Conscious Women, Sampanna Foods is offering Naturally Grown & Reasonable Priced Ragi & Bhagar Products. We, at Sampanna Foods, offer these hygienically produced, diabetic friendly, healthy and gluten free flours, home delivered via online shopping.




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