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Sonkan Foods

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Our Best Sellers

A quick and healthy mix of flours,
ready to use on a fasting day.

A quick and healthy mix of roasted ragi flour for instant Laddus.

A quick and healthy breakfast or drink made from sprouted and roasted ragi.

About Sonkan

In life, you reach a point where you feel at peace with yourself and everything around. You want to give back to the community that has helped you grow, built you and supported you. We felt this a few years ago when we were on our trip to China. As we strolled through the small towns, we realized that the size of their towns did not restrict their growth and development. Even the smallest of the towns were at par with the major cities in terms of health, educational and recreational facilities. Every other trip we took abroad, added to this realization. However, the small towns in our country lag in terms of development.
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Values of Sonkan

Sonkan believes in 100% naturally grown and manufactured products. We want to create products that are truly made in India. We believe in honesty and brand-consumer transparency. Sonkan provides a wide range of products that promote and provide a healthy and nutritious diet that reflects in our Vision, Mission, Aim and Values.


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