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Value of Sonkan

Sonkan believes in 100% naturally grown and manufactured products. We want to create products that are truly made in India. We believe in honesty and brand-consumer transparency. Sonkan provides a wide range of products that promote and provide a healthy and nutritious diet that reflects in our Vision, Mission, Aim and Values.


We believe in providing the best quality products. Our customers’ wellbeing and their nutrition needs are important to us.

100% Natural

All our products are naturally made from Millets (Ragi and Varai) and other produce that is cultivated in Konkan, with no added chemicals to enhance flavors.

Locally Produced

Our products are made from locally grown Ragi and Varai, which are manufactured at our factory in Tetavali, near Dapoli in Konkan with the help of the locals.


We focus on producing food products that have a high nutrition value and are gluten free. Ragi and Varai, are both millets that have health benefits for all age groups.


Honestly is the best policy and we take this saying very seriously. We believe in brand- customer-consumer transparency which is why we provide only the best for our customers and consumers.

About Us

For the Health Conscious Women, Sampanna Foods is offering Naturally Grown & Reasonable Priced Ragi & Bhagar Products. We, at Sampanna Foods, offer these hygienically produced, diabetic friendly, healthy and gluten free flours, home delivered via online shopping.

Contact Us

2 Shwetaa, 98/28 Bhusari Colony, Pune 411038. 

272 Brahmanwadi, Tetavali, Dapoli, Maharashtra 415711 

Call :  +919922412483