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Our Team

Meenakshi and Nitin perfectly complement each other and form a balanced team. Their story is a classic case of ‘When Biology met Math ‘or more specifically ‘When Pharmacy Met Engineering’. The union of these two fields gave birth to ‘Konkan Sampanna’ or now also known as ‘Sonkan’. Their individual interests in the progress of our nation encouraged them to come together and nurture the idea of starting a venture to boost the growth and development of small communities and help them sustain and live happier and healthier lives.


Dr. Meenakshi N. Deodhar

Dr. Meenakshi Deodhar hails from Delhi, where she completed her schooling and graduation in Pharmacy. She pursued her post graduation from L.M. College, a reputed college for Pharmacy in Ahmedabad. After a brief teaching stint in Jaipur, she moved to Pune after her marriage and resumed teaching again. Dr. Meenakshi was rewarded with ‘The Best Teacher Award’ by Pune University (now known as Savitribai Phule Pune  University). Dr. Meenakshi has published research papers in the fields of antimicrobials, anti-inflammatory agents and analytical method development, design of anti-microbial molecules and development of analytical methods for drugs. She has completed her Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and is a mentor to Ph.D and M.Pharm students. Dr. Meenakshi wishes to spread awareness about the importance of nutrition and health, encourage small scale business and build small communities.


Dr. Nitin M. Deodhar

Dr. Nitin M. Deodhar graduated with Honors in Mechanical Engineering from MACT REC, Bhopal. He has completed his Masters in Environmental Engineering from BATU, Raigad and is a Gold Medalist. He has a Ph.D. from IIT Bombay. He is a LEED Accredited Professional by US Green Building Council and an Energy Manager certified by Bureau of Energy Efficiency, BEE, GoI. Dr. Nitin is a former President of ISHRAE Pune Chapter, and is a member of the ISHRAE Technical Committee and heads the ISHRAE TF (task force) on UVGI a technology to combat COVID-19 amongst other indoor infections. He has over 33 years’ experience in Engineering Design. He has delivered several lectures on IEQ (Indoor Environmental Quality) and Energy Conscious Designs amongst other topics in International and Indian Conferences. His interest to improve the Environment and bring about an evolution for the small communities only grew, Dr. Nitin wants the small communities in our nation to not only sustain independently but also thrive.

About Us

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2 Shwetaa, 98/28 Bhusari Colony, Pune 411038. 

272 Brahmanwadi, Tetavali, Dapoli, Maharashtra 415711 

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