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Sonkan Foods

Nachani Satva with Chocolate
Pack of 2


Sprouted & Roasted, with Sugar & Cocoa Powder

  • Make your glass of milk with Ragi Satva and Cocoa
  • Health drink : add to mild / Healthy breakfast : make a porridge
  • Rich in nutrition, aroma & taste
  • Easy to Cook | Healthy to Eat

Weight: 200g / pack

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After opening, Store in a cool & dry place
Nutritional Information:

   Approx. values /100gms
   Energy 368 kCal
   Carbohydrates 88 g
   Proteins 59 g
   Fat 1 g
   Calcium 144 mg
   Sugar 40 g
   Iron   13 mg
Weight 200 g


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Pack of 2”

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