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Seeds of Transformation: Sonkan and Prince of Thanjavur Meets for a Prosperous India

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In a momentous meeting that took place on the 14th of August 2023, the proprietors of Sonkan Foods, Dr. Nitin Deodhar and Dr. Meenakshi Deodhar, had the distinct honor of meeting with the esteemed Prince of Thanjavur, Sree Babaji Rajah Bhonsle. The meeting served as a significant platform for the Deodhars to shed light on their mission and products to the Prince, who has long been recognised for his commitment to the welfare and development of his region. During the interaction, Dr. Nitin Deodhar and Dr. Meenakshi Deodhar passionately discussed the virtues of Sonkan’s nutritious and wholesome millet-based foods. They elaborated on the natural cultivation methods employed by Sonkan, which not only prioritises health but also sustainability.

The conversation, however, transcended the realm of business and delved into a vision that extended far beyond commerce. The Deodhars conveyed their aspiration to bridge the rural-urban divide in India through holistic development. With fervor, they detailed their ambition of not only providing sustenance to Indian villages but also transforming them into thriving hubs of education, healthcare, and employment opportunities, particularly for women. The Prince of Thanjavur, known for his dedication to societal betterment, found resonance in this noble endeavor. The meeting culminated with a shared commitment to collaborate towards realising this shared dream, thereby sowing the seeds of progress that could eventually lead to a more equitable and prosperous India.

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