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Roll with love!

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Children of growing age are always hungry! Especially when they are home. As they are these days.

When children ask something to eat all the time, the health conscious moms may run out of options! We can all agree that biscuits and chips are in no way wholesome options to satiate hunger.


Konkan Sampanna (Sonkan) began producing “easy to cook healthy to eat” items so as to offer wholesome food options for the family.

Today we introduce ‘Nachani Ladu Mix’ or ‘Ragi Laddoo Mix’ as an excellent choice for the moms. The mix has been scientifically prepared so that the traditional snack can be easily prepared at home.

1. As the name indicates, the packet contains a premix that can be rolled into tasty laddoos in minutes!

2. You just need to melt the required quantity of ghee (as per instructions) and add to the premix. Add a little milk or water to this mixture, mix well and start rolling!

3. There is no doubt that children will love the snack that have been so lovingly prepared by their moms!

 4. Ragi is rich in calcium, iron and proteins too! This means stronger bones and a healthy body!

5. The premix comes in 2 varieties: with sugar or with jaggery.

6. The ragi used in the premix is thoroughly cleaned, washed and soaked for 10hrs. Soaking of ragi ensures availability of the dietary fibre and helps get rid of anti-nutrients.
8. Since ghee you are using to make laddus is not heated at high temperatures, there is no chance of trans-fat getting into the snack. This is something you can’t ensure while buying ready made ragi laddus.

9. The mix can be used entirely in one go to make about 14 laddus or you can use it in portions to make as many as you want at the time.

10. If you wish you can add dry fruits to the mix before rolling! 

So what are you waiting for? Visit our shop, and let’s get rolling…

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