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Hello, netizens
I would like to share a story today.
About a wonderful initiative by my parents Dr Nitin Deodhar and Dr Meenakshi Deodhar.
Almost a decade back, my father developed an interest in farming. Interest would be an understatement. It became his passion. And then he systematically set about achieving it.

At age 45, he used to drive down 6 hours from Pune every week to acquire cultivable land in Ratnagiri district along the Konkan belt.
After he acquired land, he spent weeks away from his family, staying alone on barren land with noone familiar, trying to get to know the people, the soil, the market and most importantly, the science
Slowly but surely, he began shaping his dream of having his own farm. The seeds of toil were planted, watered and cared for.
My mother soon realised that this was not just a passing phase, or a ‘midlife project’ as I would jokingly call it then.
So at age 50, both my parents quit their jobs and a comfortable life in Pune, and left for a small village called Tetavli. My dream was always to work just enough so that I could relax in my 50s. So it was no surprise that this decision left me puzzled.
Over the next few years my parents experimented with organic farming, horticulture, and in the process also generated employment and opportunities. I wouldn’t say we’re there yet but it’s a work in progress
So I cannot be more proud to share their new venture:
Konkan Sampanna Millets with all of you
The simple and pure idea of growing high quality Ragi, Jowar and Bajra in their own fields, processing them and providing them directly to the consumer at affordable prices.
In today’s age of intelligent diets, gluten intolerance and aware consumers, Millets are the need of the hour.
And what better way to kick-start your improved diet with our wide range of FSSAI approved, easy to cook millet flours.
Accepting orders online, nationwide now.
Do try, recommend, and spread the love!
Feedback is appreciated.

And to all those out there with a dream or passion that seems impossible to achieve, do know that it is never late to begin!



About Us

For the Health Conscious Women, Sampanna Foods is offering Naturally Grown & Reasonable Priced Ragi & Bhagar Products. We, at Sampanna Foods, offer these hygienically produced, diabetic friendly, healthy and gluten free flours, home delivered via online shopping.

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